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Malaysian Oleochemical Manufacturers Group (MOMG)

The Malaysian Oleochemical Manufacturers Group (MOMG) was established in January 1984 with 5 members and presently with 10 members, all located in West Malaysia. MOMG members are involved in the production of basic oleo-chemicals namely fatty acids, methyl esters, fatty alcohols and glycerine and are either owned by local plantation companies or joint-ventures with multinationals.

Commencing from the early eighties, the oleochemical industry in Malaysia had undergone rapid growth and development, and today the Malaysian oleochemical industry is one of the world’s largest producer of basic oleochemicals. In Malaysia, the oleochemical industry is almost totally dependent on indigenous raw materials, i.e. palm oil / palm kernel oil and other palm products as the major feedstocks. Therefore, it plays a vital role in supporting the local palm oil industry as well as adding significant value to palm products.

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